Punchh Crew

We are a fun, hard working crew. We are dedicated to our craft and your success

  • Shyam Rao
    Shyam Rao
    CEO / Founder

    Shyam is a big fan of old school house music and in his spare time, enjoys traveling to sunny, beach locales.

  • Aditya Sanghi
    Aditya Sanghi
    CTO / Founder

    Aditya is going to figure it all out any moment now. Meanwhile, he’s reading too many books, binge watching far too many TV Shows and nerding about Rails, Unix, Redis, iOS and Android more than necessary.

  • Sastry Penumarthy
    Sastry Penumarthy
    Co-Founder, VP Marketing & Partnerships

    Sastry begins his day with 2 shots of espresso and ends with 2 shots of tequila.

  • Jeremy Theisen
    Jeremy Theisen
    Chief Sales Officer

    Jeremy enjoys just about anything competitive! During Chicago winters he can be found on the basketball court and in the summer months on the golf course. When he isn't competing himself he is coaching his 3 daughters in basketball and soccer.

  • Sanjay Zalavadia
    Sanjay Zalavadia
    Vice President, Customer Success

    Sanjay can be found coaching his son's soccer team, trying to read through anything PG Wodehouse has written, cheering on his beloved Arsenal FC and listening through his collection of Classic Rock and Indian Fusion.

  • Teddy Grossman
    Teddy Grossman
    Vice President, Enterprise Sales

    Teddy lives a double life as a singer/songwriter in his band Great Divide. The rest of his time is consumed by Philadelphia & Michigan Wolverine sports... the struggle is real.

  • Gaurish Sharma
    Gaurish Sharma
    Senior Director of Engineering

    Discovering programming was like finally getting my letter from Hogwarts. Contributor to Ruby, Ruby On Rails & many other gems. Enjoy MySQL, Redis & Linux. Focused on building powerful, scalable, distributed backends.

  • Tom Mullins
    Tom Mullins
    Vice President, Enterprise Sales

    Tom enjoys craft beer, his motorcycle, Boston sports and summers on Cape Cod. He's also convinced that he's the illegitimate offspring of Ricky Bobby. Shake and bake!

  • Kim DeCarolis
    Kim DeCarolis
    Vice President, Enterprise Sales

    Kim feeds off good vibes, and is a firm believer in wanderlust - Eating and drinking all over the world is a passion of hers, and when she is state side you will find her spending time with friends and family.

  • Jeff Carpenter
    Jeff Carpenter
    Vice President, Enterprise Accounts

    When not spending time with his family, you can find Jeff fishing, in the gym, or playing sports. A former collegiate standout athlete and NFL hopeful, Jeff now channels his competitiveness on the golf course with his friends.

  • Grant Douglas
    Grant Douglas
    Director, Inside Sales

    Grant lives for golf and Chicago sports. He can be seen watching even the most boring golf tournament on Sundays while enjoying his favorite IPA. Go Cubs!

  • Tiffany Disher
    Tiffany Disher
    Director, Customer Success

    Tiffany loves hiking on vacation, attempting to break 90 golfing and salmon fishing. Need a birthday cake or pie? Tiffany will gladly stay up all night to bake.

  • Ryan Clark
    Ryan Clark
    Director, Customer Success

    Ryan is college basketball fanatic and avid runner who loves NPR podcasts and filling up his passport. When he's not traveling to games or other countries, Ryan enjoys trying all of Austin's great restaurants and Netflix binges with his wife and dog.

  • Sarah Dan
    Sarah Dan
    Customer Success Coordinator

    Sarah is passionate about exploring the world, learning new things and Dr. Pepper. She loves her San Antonio Spurs and all things relating to her alma mater, the University of Texas. She is also shamelessly the only cat person in the Austin office.

  • Anshul Ghiya
    Anshul Ghiya
    Director, Implementations

    A Foodie! He loves travelling to new places and spending his free time with Friends and Family. His passion for Business and numbers gets him going.

  • Kumar Ujjwal
    Kumar Ujjwal
    Director, Product Management

    Kumar love to explore new technologies from AI to Quantum computers. In his spare time, he likes to listen to a podcast or take his dog for a run. When traveling, he likes to explore local handcrafted beer. During college football season you can find him rooting for BAMA.

  • Himanshu Upadhyaya
    Himanshu Upadhyaya
    Senior Director of Program Management

    Himanshu is a Music Composer, a Nature Enthusiast, a Learner and a keen Observer of life around.

  • Matt Garlock
    Matt Garlock
    Manager, Implementations

    Matt is an avid snowboarder, a homebrewer, a tech and design enthusiast and a die-hard Warriors fan--Go Dubs!

  • Daniel Atwood
    Daniel Atwood
    Manager, Implementations

    Dan is constantly learning about mobile / payments. During the summer, he can be found surfing the coast and playing the ukulele. When Dan is not in the Pacific Ocean he is doing yoga, diving and going on hikes!

  • Dan Fortner
    Dan Fortner
    Manager, Implementations

    Dan enjoys improv acting, camping, backpacking, and anything automotive. He also worked as a restaurant manager for many years, making him perfect for your implementation.

  • Lauren Seidenstein
    Lauren Seidenstein
    Manager, Customer Success

    Lauren is a customer data geek who enjoys spending her free time traveling to the best beaches or enjoying a beautiful day outdoors. When she's not outdoors, you'll find Lauren curled up on the couch with a terrible reality TV show.

  • Francesca Alfarache
    Francesca Alfarache
    Manager, Customer Success

    Francesca is a big time foodie, she loves spicy food and trying new things. She truly believe that yoga, brunch, or a little dance can make any day better.

  • Rachel Birdseye
    Rachel Birdseye
    Manager, Customer Success

    Rachel loves adventure, spending her free time exploring the great outdoors or taking in as much live music as possible. When she isn’t out and about, you’ll find her curled up with a book or cheering on the Clemson Tigers.

  • Matthew Orsborn
    Matthew Orsborn
    Manager, Customer Success

    Matthew's ideal weather is 65 and partly cloudy. He enjoys spending time traveling the globe, cheering on his favorite sports teams, binging on tv & film, and running around with his dog, Marv

  • Stacy Belanger
    Stacy Belanger
    Manager, Customer Success

    Stacy enjoys being outside and soaking in the sunshine. She loves eating chips and salsa or satisfying her sweet tooth. She believes in always looking on the bright side of life.

  • Nick Lax
    Nick Lax
    Manager, Customer Success

    Nick's favorite places to be are either on a beach or in the mountains. He enjoys backpacking/camping, painting, graphic design and cooking/eating all types of different foods. His interests are technology, art, and food.

  • Brenda Jenison
    Brenda Jenison
    Manager, Customer Success

    Brenda enjoys weekends spent camping, boating, gardening or hiking. She also finds creative energy in cooking and baking and loves watching design shows.

  • Michael Diaz
    Michael Diaz
    Manager, Customer Success

    Michael is a huge fan of all MMA and boxing, as well as many other sports. He enjoys sci-fi novels, movies and has traveled to the mountains of Skyrim on many occasions. You can find him at the greenbelts across Austin with his two dogs, Zoey and Django.

  • Kortni Harris
    Kortni Harris
    Customer Success Consultant

    Kortni is our resident yogi who is fueled by positivity and laughter. She enjoys spending time with family, friends and her two pugs, Gary Poppins & Izze Clementine. If she's not in the studio you'll likely find her on a shopping spree, watching college football, or trying out the newest restaurant in town. Sic 'Em Bears!

  • Joseph Alfano
    Joseph Alfano
    Manager, Implementations

    Joe recently moved to Texas from New England. He enjoys woodworking and 90’s music.

  • Ernst Katchour
    Ernst Katchour
    Director, Engineering

    Ernst loves mountains. Skiing in winter, hiking and biking in summertime.

  • Scott R. Morgan
    Scott R. Morgan
    Director, POS Support Services

    Scott comes to Punchh with 24 years of Restaurant IT experience. When he is not working hard he is usually playing just as hard hunting with his birddogs, processing his own harvest from the hunt or crafting the game into a meal that could be served in a Michelin star restaurant. Scott's lives his passion for dogs, hunting, food and family every day.

  • Shivani Sanghvi
    Shivani Sanghvi
    POS Integrations Tech Support Engineer

    Shivani is an avid music lover, who loves dancing and travelling! Adventures give her an adrenaline rush. She loves the beach and is always up to watch movies and binge on Netflix. Humor and food is very important to her.

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith
    Technical Writer

    Jordan writes, plays music, and is supernaturally talented at making mashed potatoes. In his free time, he enjoys reading two-thirds of the way through novels.

  • Kailash Singh Bhati
    Kailash Singh Bhati
    Vice President, Design

    Kailash is a novice cook and pleases his family with quick dishes on weekends.

  • Molly Davies
    Molly Davies
    Director, Customer Success

    Molly enjoys spending time with her family, University of North Dakota hockey and scenic views of Minnesota's lakes.

  • Christian Skegrud
    Christian Skegrud
    Strategy Associate

    Christian has a passion for sports and outdoors. Depending on the season, you can find him skiing, wakeboarding or hiking the trails of Marin. His favorite Sunday activity is eating oysters in Tomales bay.

  • Ronak Jangir
    Ronak Jangir
    Lead Software Engineer

    Ronak loves to code and enjoys minimalism.

  • Ravindra Kumar Kumawat
    Ravindra Kumar Kumawat
    Sr. Software Engineer

    Ravindra enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He loves ruby on rails.

  • Amit Suroliya
    Amit Suroliya
    Sr. Software Engineer

    Amit loves watching movies, is a foodie and plays cricket in his free time.

  • Prakash Laxkar
    Prakash Laxkar
    Sr. Software Engineer

    Travelling and adventures are his favourites. In free time, he loves cooking, swimming and playing games.

  • Neha Gautam
    Neha Gautam
    Software Engineer

    Neha is passionate about learning new things and travelling to new places.

  • Samiksha Galav
    Samiksha Galav
    Software Engineer

    I like listening to pop songs, dancing and spending time with friends.

  • Vikas Verma
    Vikas Verma
    Software Engineer

    I’m music lover and a huge FRIENDS fan. Get me a Coke Can when i’m thirsty. Never thought losing a clover will be the reason for my demise. Looking up in the sky with hope in eyes, that one day darkness will go away when the sun will rise.

  • Minal Soni
    Minal Soni
    Software Engineer

    Minal is always ready to learn something creative.

  • Vineet Jain
    Vineet Jain
    Software Engineer

    Maverick is the word that describes Vineet. He’s a bon vivant, a musicophile, malleable by nature and loves to play Soccer.

  • Ankita Agrawal
    Ankita Agrawal
    Software Engineer

    Ankita loves listening to music and playing badminton. She is always willing to learn something new.

  • Uday Gupta
    Uday Gupta
    Software Engineer

    Uday is a movie buff who loves listening to music, travelling and gaming. He spends a lot of time programming and is always ready to learn new things.

  • Sourabh Tolani
    Sourabh Tolani
    Software Engineer

    Sourabh is a jovial person who likes being in limelight for all good reasons. He loves traveling, photography and is a big foodie!

  • Nipun Sharma
    Nipun Sharma
    Product Manager

    Nipun absolutely loves music and listens to various genres from Rock to Ghazals. He has a love of reading and spends time with books that delve into Philosophy and Psychology. In free time he plays guitar, dabbles in Photography and Gardening.

  • Ankur Gulati
    Ankur Gulati
    Sr. Product Manager

    A startup enthusiast who loves to build technology infused products for different industries, and in his spare time, enjoys reading & travelling.

  • Arvind Kaviya
    Arvind Kaviya
    Sr. Business Analyst

    An avid traveller! When he is not enjoying the challenge of crafting beautiful and intuitive experiences out of seemingly complex interactions, he can be seen binge watching TV shows or assembling/disassembling any machinery he can get his hands on. However, he can seldom put it back together.

  • Pratik Gupta
    Pratik Gupta
    Sr. Data Analyst

    Pratik loves photography and in his free time, travels alone and explores new places. He also reads biographies.

  • Divya Khatri
    Divya Khatri
    Business Analyst

    Divya can be spotted voyaging in cosmic levels or snowed under her books.

  • Critika Agrawal
    Critika Agrawal
    Business Analyst

    Enjoys cooking and loves to hangout.

  • Pratibha Pagaria
    Pratibha Pagaria
    Data Scientist

    Pratibha has strong affinity for data, analytics, and data visualization. She is a Tableau certified professional who loves to play with data using statistics and create insightful dashboards. She enjoys travelling and listening to music.

  • Tarun Jayaswal
    Tarun Jayaswal
    Sr. System Analyst

    Tarun is a good chess player, a strategist and relishes a challenge.

  • Aashish Kharbanda
    Aashish Kharbanda
    Sr. Data Analyst

    Aashish loves to travel and delves in nature photography. He enjoys playing basketball.

  • Pavan Khandelwal
    Pavan Khandelwal
    Data Analyst

    I am a tech geek,creative and sports enthusiast who also love to sing.

  • Nimish Gupta
    Nimish Gupta
    Product Marketing Manager

    Nimish is a nature lover, who loves to travel and explore offbeat places, likes to play basketball, badminton, chess and has a passion for business and technology.

  • Shubham Khandelwal
    Shubham Khandelwal
    Product Manager

    Shubham likes to and wants to explore as much as he can because YOLO. He’s a foodie, coversationalist, binge-watcher, reader, big time Grammar Nazi, ardent music fan and quotes movies and TV series A LOT.

  • Vedank Kulshrestha
    Vedank Kulshrestha
    Sr. Software Engineer

    He’s been enjoying the beauty of Microsoft technologies and crafting various applications for last few years. Experiencing c# is just like a cup of tea as a daily dose. He loves to poke & hangout with buddies.

  • Sudhir Shekhsaria
    Sudhir Shekhsaria
    Database Infrastructure Engineer

    Being a sport enthusiast, Sudhir loves to play cricket and badminton. He also likes listening to music and reading about latest IT trends and developments.

  • Jaya Sharma
    Jaya Sharma
    Project Delivery Manager

    An avid reader who prefers perfection at work. She believes in processes and following them. Loves to cook and spend time with friends & family.

  • Divesh Jangid
    Divesh Jangid
    Assistant Delivery Manager

    Like to play chess, Soft music particularly ghazal's are my every day must diet.

  • Rochelle Rebello
    Rochelle Rebello
    Associate Project Manager

    Rochelle is passionate about helping people. Especially, disadvantaged children.

  • Abhyuday Mathur
    Abhyuday Mathur
    Associate Project Manager

    Abhyuday has a passion for photography and cooking. He is also enthusiastic about arts and literature.

  • Tarun Sharma
    Tarun Sharma
    Associate Project Manager

    Tarun loves paragliding, rafting, playing cricket and spends most of his free time with his close friends.

  • Gaurav Chauhan
    Gaurav Chauhan
    Associate Project Manager

    He is making possibilities possible. He has a knack of learning different Technologies and applying same to make sure that clients receive cutting edge products with utmost quality. He has a keen interest in Economic and Political advancements and love being a part of any sport.

  • Pramod Sharma
    Pramod Sharma
    Lead Software Engineer

    Pramod loves to code and his curiosity about new technology and computing trends keeps him inspired.

  • Narendra Verma
    Narendra Verma
    Lead Software Engineer

    Narendra likes innovation and creativity in his coding and loves to design games. Bikes hold a special place in his heart.

  • Monica Soni
    Monica Soni
    Software Engineer

    Monica thinks there is nothing more beautiful than a good refactor. She is a shopaholic and a big foodie.

  • Sandeep Sharma
    Sandeep Sharma
    Software Engineer

    Loves innovation in the mobile world, cares for excellence where performance matters, likes travelling to new destinations and is a self confessed foodie.

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma
    Sr.Software Engineer

    Gaurav loves swimming, music, study and making robots in his free time.

  • Arpit Dungarwal
    Arpit Dungarwal
    Software Engineer

    Arpit is a workaholic and a fun loving person. Understanding requirements is his prime forte. He likes net surfing and sipping tea.

  • Santosh Sharma
    Santosh Sharma
    Software Engineer

    Santosh loves to play games and loves to listen to songs.

  • Manish Verma
    Manish Verma
    Software Engineer

    Loves to code and has a fair understanding of Process Management. Likes to play Table Tennis in free time and is a die hard fan of Hollywood movies.

  • Vikram Biwal
    Vikram Biwal
    Software Engineer

    The biggest competition is himself. He is not looking to follow others or pull them down. He is planning to test his own boundaries.

  • Jatin Mohindra
    Jatin Mohindra
    Software Engineer

    Jatin loves to drive new cars and go on long road trips with his family and friends. He also like to experiment with cookery in his spare time.

  • Gaurav Gupta
    Gaurav Gupta
    Software Engineer

    I like to play Cricket and I am always ready to learn something creative.

  • Sahir Saiyed
    Sahir Saiyed
    Lead Software Engineer

    Sahir loves to code and explore innovative ideas. In his free time, Sahir plays cricket and learns new technologies.

  • Ishant Sagar
    Ishant Sagar
    Lead Software Engineer

    Ishant loves to spend his free time with buddies, and enjoys travelling to new places.

  • Garima Mathur
    Garima Mathur
    Sr. Software Engineer

    Garima expresses her creative side as a singer and spends her time reading android blogs and tech news.

  • Dishant Walia
    Dishant Walia
    Sr. Software Engineer

    Dishant is passionate about Android App Development, loves to watch & play cricket and to drive on freeways.

  • Akshay Sharma
    Akshay Sharma
    Sr. Software Engineer

    Akshay likes to hangout with friends and enjoys travelling and watching movies.

  • Vijay Mangal
    Vijay Mangal
    Software Engineer

    Vijay loves singing and spending time with family. In his free time he enjoys internet surfing and outdoor activities. He loves to capture moments, thoughts and feelings.

  • Aarti Nirmal
    Aarti Nirmal
    Software Engineer

    Aarti loves to code and gets easily acquainted with new technology and gadgets. In her leisure time she loves to read inspirational books.

  • Rahul Purohit
    Rahul Purohit
    Sr. Software Engineer

    Rahul loves learning new technology, doing R&D, exploring & trying new ideas, reading fiction and watching sitcoms.

  • Akshay Arora
    Akshay Arora
    Software Engineer

    Akshay is passionate about coding, photography and modelling! Also, he likes swimming, cricket and badminton.

  • Dhiraj Kumar
    Dhiraj Kumar
    Software Engineer

    Dhiraj is a passionate android developer. He loves to watch movies, play chess and cricket, and have fun with friends.

  • Kajal Mittal
    Kajal Mittal
    Software Engineer

    Kajal,being Punjabi,loves bhangra and spicy food.Also,in her spare time,she likes to contribute to the open source projects.

  • Ram Prajapat
    Ram Prajapat
    Software Engineer

    Ram is a mobile technology enthusiast. He likes hanging out with friends, playing volleyball and riding bikes. In his free time he loves solving puzzles and reading tech blogs.

  • Nikita Sharma
    Nikita Sharma
    Lead Product Designer

    Nikki is a jovial person and a theater artist! 🎭 Loves craft, DIY, shopping and talking.

  • Paras Bhatnagar
    Paras Bhatnagar
    Product Designer

    Paras is a multidisciplinary designer who likes accepting new challenges. He enjoys cricket, swimming, squash and also singing and dancing.

  • Dhruv Parnami
    Dhruv Parnami
    Product Designer

    Dhruv is a nature loving person, an artist who loves to read mythological works with drawing & sketching as hobbies.

  • Bhanu Pratap
    Bhanu Pratap
    Sr. UI Developer

    Bhanu loves riding his bike as fast as he can. He likes playing guitar and playing Adventure Sports.

  • Hanuman Sahay Sharma
    Hanuman Sahay Sharma
    UI Developer

    I'm always passionate to do something creative and learn new technologies, which is helping me to grow professionally and personally as well.

  • Siddhant Vashishtha
    Siddhant Vashishtha
    Associate Project Manager

    Siddhant is assiduous towards work. He loves exploring new places, meditating, and watching football.

  • Nikita Mathur
    Nikita Mathur
    Application Analyst

    Passionate about dancing. Loves to play Basket Ball, read fiction and play guitar.

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma
    Associate Project Manager

    Rahul is passionate about nature photography and trekking. He spends most of his free time listening to all sorts of music and reading on Quora. Also, he's a big foodie and can tell you about some good places to eat in the city.

  • Kavya Jain
    Kavya Jain
    Sr. Application Analyst

    Kavya is a magnificient cook, a shopaholic and a proficient craftsperson.

  • Kajal Sikarwar
    Kajal Sikarwar
    Application Analyst

    Kajal is a creative soul who’s fond of humour and loves coffee. She also adores animals and confesses being a shopaholic.

  • Hridya Jeswani
    Hridya Jeswani
    Application Analyst

    Hridya loves to write poems and enjoys travelling and exploring the beauty of nature and of different traditions and cultures across the world. When in a bad mood she takes to dancing to calm herself.

  • Akanksha Jain
    Akanksha Jain
    Application Analyst

    Akanksha loves playing badminton, exploring new places and dancing. She likes spending free time with family and friends.

  • Eugene Gamolya
    Eugene Gamolya
    SQA Lead

    Eugene likes to spend his free time with his family. He likes camping, hiking and is happy to visit new places. Also he enjoys watching movies together.

  • Yogesh Thanvi
    Yogesh Thanvi
    QA Lead Engineer

    Yogesh loves to spend time in the lap of nature, reading books, eating delicious food and driving superb bikes.

  • Vikas Sharma
    Vikas Sharma
    QA Server Lead

    Vikas likes to read novels, tech magazines and is fond of music.

  • Rohit Doraya
    Rohit Doraya
    Sr. QA Engineer

    Rohit loves listening to soft music and tries to learn new skills in his free time.

  • Rishi Mathur
    Rishi Mathur
    Sr. QA Enineer

    Rishi is an enthusiastic guy who is always excited to do different things. He loves watching cricket and enjoys listening to all types of songs.

  • Asharam Yadav
    Asharam Yadav
    Sr. QA Engineer

    Asharam is a gamer and he loves new technologies.

  • Naveen Jangid
    Naveen Jangid
    Test Automation Engineer

    Naveen likes to spend quality time with family and friends, and to read articles related to automobiles.

  • Neha Lodha
    Neha Lodha
    QA Engineer

    Neha loves watching movies, listening to music and is tech savvy.

  • Rajat Singh
    Rajat Singh
    QA Engineer

    Rajat likes to read about almost everything. He is a hard-core foodie. He loves to be on the field. Exploring India is his ultimate goal.

  • Divya Choudhary
    Divya Choudhary
    QA Engineer

    Divya likes listening to music and travelling to different places.

  • Mrityunjay Gour
    Mrityunjay Gour
    QA Engineer

    Mrityunjay believes in Karma and Football.

  • Sonam Piplani
    Sonam Piplani
    QA Engineer

    Sonam loves reading novels and spends most of the time with her family.

  • Harshendra Upadhyaya
    Harshendra Upadhyaya
    Software Engineer

    Harshendra likes programming and loves nature.

  • Akansha Jain
    Akansha Jain
    QA Engineer

    Akansha is a joyful person and spends most of the time with family and friends. Cooking for the beloved at home makes her more keen towards being a foodie. Travel adds on to her list.

  • Imran Ali
    Imran Ali
    QA Engineer

    Imran loves to learn new technologies and am a big movie buff. Dare not disturb him when he's watching a movie! :)

  • Abhay Sharma
    Abhay Sharma
    QA Engineer

    Abhay is ambitious and an observer of life and technology. He likes spending his free time watching TV and Web series.

  • Bhanu Belwal
    Bhanu Belwal
    QA Engineer

    I enjoy playing cricket and cooking is my hobby.

  • Payal Bhardwaj
    Payal Bhardwaj
    QA Engineer

    Payal is a jovial person who loves to explore new places and new ideas. She’s a big foodie!

  • Lokendra Chaudhary
    Lokendra Chaudhary
    QA Engineer

    Lokendra loves travelling. In free time he likes watching movies and playing chess or cricket

  • Binoy Thamby
    Binoy Thamby
    QA Engineer

    A happy soul. A football believer - Blaugrane by blood. His music taste is Pop/Rock and he’s a big foodie.

  • Chhavi Agarwal
    Chhavi Agarwal
    QA Engineer

    Loves travelling to new places (especially beaches). Curious.

  • Nikita Sharma
    Nikita Sharma
    QA Engineer

    Nikita has a very friendly nature and she believes in helping others. She is very keen on learning new things.

  • Devangi Lakhotia
    Devangi Lakhotia
    HR Generalist

    A big foodie and a shopaholic, she loves meeting new people, making friends and travelling.